INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL "LIGHTING ENGINEERING & POWER ENGINEERING" (LEPE) was founded in 2002, taking into account the need to highlight the results of research in the field of lighting engineering, electric power industry, artistic and architectural lighting. Since 2016, the journal LEPE has the status of the International Scientific and Technical Journal (Certificate of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine КВ no. 22332-12232ПР dated October, 10, 2016).

The international journal accepted papers on English in three formats:

  • scientific-research works,
  • technical studies,
  • abstracts.

The target audience of the journal is a wide range of readers (scientists, specialists) in the field of lighting engineering, electric power industry, power supply, electrical engineering, electric drive, electrical engineering, measurement, control and automation of technological processes.

Series: Technical Sciences and Architecture and Economic science

The purpose of the scientific and technical collection "Municipal economy of cities" is to present readers with discoveries in the field of reconstruction and restoration of buildings and structures of the city economy, architectural and urban development, life support systems of cities, urgent issues of ecology and urban sanitation, energy efficiency and energy saving issues in the city economy, relevant issues of development of urban transport and information technologies, economics and management in the urban economy, economic and social aspects of the upsurge establishment of economic mechanisms.




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