Hydrotechnical Construction, Water Engineeringand Water Technologies
Water Supply and Sewerage
Industrial and Civil Engineering
Environmental Protection Technology
Urban Ecology
Chemical Technology and Engineering
Occupational Safety


Town planning
Urbanen gineering and services
Geodesy and land management
Architecture of buildings and Constructions

Architecture, Design and Fine Arts

Architectural environment design
Energy, Information and Transportation Infrastructure
Lighting engineering and sources of light
Electrical Energetics, Electrical Engineering and Electromechanics
Systems engineering 
Electrotechnical systems of electricity consumption
Computer Science 
Computer Science. Project management
Oil and gas engineering and technology 
Heat and gas supply and ventilation 
Electrical Systems and Complexes of Vehicles
Smart Transport and Logistics for Cities 
Transport systems

Economics and Management

Hotel and catering business 
Administrative management 
Tourism studies 
Administrative management of the unitedterritorial communities 
Management of hotel, resort and tourist service 
Entrepreneurship, trade and exchange activities
Business Administration
Business, Trade and Exchange Activities 
Management. Project Management
Management of Organization and Administration
Financial and Economic Security management
Mainline Power Networks: Management, Maintenance and Development 
Economic Analytics 
International Economics 
Accounting and Audit

Architecture and Urban Planning
History and Archeology

Еlectrical energetics, electrical engineering and electromechanics
Financial and Economic Security of Enterprise
Economics and Organization of Business
Computer Sciences
Еlectrical energetics, electrical engineering and electromechanics
Electrotechnical Systems of Electricity Consumption
Environmental Protection Technology
Building and Civil Engineering
Geodesy and Land Management
Transport Technology (by type)
Transport Technology (electric transport)
Public Administration

  • Faculty of Architecture, Design and Fine Arts
  • Faculty of Management
  • Faculty of Transport Systems and Technologies
  • Economics and Entrepreneurship Faculty
  • Urban Energy Supply and Lighting Faculty
  • Building Faculty
  • Faculty of Urban Environmental Engineering
  • Faculty for Foreign Students


1. Economics and Entrepreneurship:

  • Enterprise Economics (by the types of economic activities),
  • Accounting and Auditing.

2. Management and Administration:

  • Business Administration (by the types of economic activities);
  • Logistics.

3. Natural Sciences:

  • Ecology and Environmental Health.

4. Electromechanics and Electrical Engineering:

  • Engineering Systems of Electric Energy Consumption (by the types);
  • Lighting Engineering and Sources of Light;
  • Electric Systems and Transport Means Complexes;
  • Electric Transport;
  • Electromechanical Systems of Automation, Electric Drive.

5. Construction and Architecture:

  • Industrial and Civil Construction;
  • Municipal Construction and Economy;
  • Heat and Gas Supply and Ventilation;
  • Water Supply and Sewage Disposal;
  • Town Planning and Development.

6. Transport and Transport Infrastructure:

  • Transport Systems (by modes of transport);
  • Transport Organization and Transport Management (by modes of transport);
  • Traffic Organization and Regulation.

7. Geodesy and Land Management:

  • Geo-information Systems and Technologies.

8. Services Industry:

  • Hotel and Catering Industry;
  • Tourism (by the types).

9. Specific Categories:

  • Project Management.



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