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Dean of faculty: Hvorost Nikolai Vasilyevich, Doctor of Technical Sciences, profeccor, academician of the Academy of Higher Education of Ukraine, Academician of the Transport Academy of Ukraine, Honored Worker of Transport of Ukraine, Honorary railroader

Directions and specialties

  • project management;
  • Accounting and Auditing;
  • Management of financial and economic security;
  • Economics and Business
    • Business economics of municipal services,
    • Business Economics construction;
  • Management and administration
    • Management of urban organization,
    • Management of the organizations of construction,
    • Management of hotel, resort and tourist service
    • Management of project activities,
    • Logistics;
  • Tourism;
  • Hotel and restaurant business
    • Hospitality;
  • Electrician
    • Electrical systems and complexes of vehicles
    • Electric vehicles
    • Electromechanical automation systems and electric drive;
  • Electrical engineering
    • Electrical systems of power,
    • Light and light sources;
  • Building a specialty
    • Industrial and Civil Engineering,
    • Urban Construction and Management,
    • Maintenance, repair and reconstruction of buildings,
    • Heat and ventilation,
    • Water supply and drainage;
  • Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources
    • Rational use and protection of water resources;
  • Natural specialty
    • Ecology, environment and balanced use of natural resources;
  • Special transport and transport infrastructure
    • Transport systems,
    • The organization and regulation of traffic,
    • Organization of transportation and management of road transport;
  • Surveying and land management
    • Geographic information systems and technologies;
  • Civil Security
    • Occupational Safety and Health;
      • "Occupational safety in transport"
      • "Safety in the service sector"
      • "Occupational safety in the energy sector"
      • "Safety in Construction"
    • Civil protection.


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